‍‍‍Two Tank Boat Dive

$95.00 per day
3 to 5 Days of Two Tank Boat Dives

$85.00 per day

One Tank Night Dive$55.00
Two Tank Twilight Dives$90.00
NITROX 32% & 36%  $10.00 surcharge

Personal Dive Master to dive with
you on your Two-Tank Boat Dives


‍‍‍Island Divers Cozumel

We Do It Island Style

USA 936-661-3664
Mexico 987-107-4242
Toll Free USA Canada 877-5-GO_DIVE



Div‍‍‍e Rates


Texan Scuba @ The Blue Lagoon

We can also assist you with your lodging and airfare putting together Scuba Diving Packages at all the cozumel dive resorts.  We pick up at most piers on the Island. You can visit our Travel Agency at www.travelanddivetoday.com

Scuba Diving in Cozum‍‍‍el Dive Rates‍‍‍

Cozumel Dive Trips and Dive Packages Cozumel‍‍‍.‍‍‍

Enjoy a place where the sky and the ocean meet! Cozumel snorkeling, EL Cielo in Cozumel.  Come join us for a 4 hour trip tat includes snorkel gear 2 reef snorkel tour and then relax and enjoy the cyrstal clear waters of the Carribean at El Cielo where yo will enjoy beers, soft drinks fresh ceviche and guacamole.

Chill, enjoy the music and the sun, ISLAND STYLE!

Boat for 10 people, $375.00

Cozumel Snorkeling