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El Isolate

Depth:  50' - 150' +

Skill Rating:  Expert

Currents:  Very Strong

About This Site:  The currents here are very strong and reserved for absolute expert divers.    The site can be dove on occasion when calm surface conditions are available (very rare).  A requirement of this dive is for every diver carry a nautilus communication device multiple spools and multiple surface marker buoys. The reason behind these measures are that if you miss the boat or the boat misses you, your next stop is Cancun.   Because of these reasons this site is rarely if ever dove, it is therefore amongst the most pristine on the island but don't count on the visibility to be great.  The whole boat must be in agreement as a $50 surcharge will be added to your bill, but if available it is well worth the added time and money.


Please keep in mind that even if a dive is scheduled here, it is weather dependent and at the discretion of both the boat captain and Dive Masters.