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Dive Courses


Refresher Course

Not new to diving but its been a while since your last dive? Don't be afraid to brush up on your diving knowledge with the PADI scuba refresher course! The perfect way to refresh your dive theory knowledge and basic dive skills so that you feel confident and self-assured on your next diving adventure. 


Discover Scuba Diving Course

Discover what you have been missing! Explore in a safe controlled manner, with a Top instructor at your side the entire time. Diving depth not exceeding 40ft., discover the hidden world of the beautiful Caribbean reefs and the vast sea life only accessible off the Island!


Open Water Course

Open Water - Complete coarse, doesn't include optional boat dives, $95 per two tank dive, a minimum of 2 days are required. Click "Book" for more information!


Advanced Open Water Course

The Advanced Open Water Course consists of completing 5 adventure dives as listed in the booking tab. Two of these adventure dives are mandatory in attaining the advance open water certification namely, the deep adventure dive, and the underwater navigation adventure dive, all other adventure dives are at your discretion. Click book for more info!


Rescue Diver Course

The PADI Rescue Diver course is one of the most demanding and rewarding courses offered. The course encompasses general first aid and CPR techniques and teaches students how to apply those techniques to a diving related injury.

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